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I program. This site is where my thoughts and projects go.

I think a lot of things are interesting.

Some are more technical - like software architecture, security, web development, mobile app development, user interface design and virtual economies.

Others are more free-form - group dynamics, dance, music production, game design, long hair, bicycling, nutrition, and sleep theory.

This blog is likely to be a fair mix between the two. (Eventually I might even make a tagging system so it’s possible to find one or the other!)


10 Oct 2016

let's encrypt on apache & centos 7

I saw the HTTP vs HTTPS Test website earlier this week and was blown away by the performance jump between HTTP 1.1 and SPDY on a TLS-encrypted connection. With the introduction of Let’s Encrypt a few years ago, you no longer need to buy security certificates in order to provide a secure connection to your site - so I decided to see how long it would take me to switch my blog to HTTPS.

29 Sep 2016

deploy jekyll site with git post-receive hook

I finally got a one-command method working for pushing updates to my Jekyll sites hosted on my VPS. A lot of this material is informed by Jekyll’s official how-to about deploying with git post-receive hooks, but I encountered a few gotchas that I thought might be worth going into a bit more detail over. The official how-to moves pretty fast.

24 Sep 2016

jekyll templating for resumes

Templating is the main thing I want for a resume-building solution.I want to be able to fill out what amounts to a pre-designed form for each category on my resume and have a template (that I only have to write once) handle rendering the content into something that looks pretty.


14 Aug 2016


On 9 Aug 2016, Eve Online developers CCP Games enabled the use of contracts in player-created citadels. Before then, contracts could only be created/completed in NPC stations.
12 Aug 2016


Subscribed Eve Online characters continuously and passively accumulate SP (skill points). The owner of a character is able to extract SP from the character and sell it on the ingame marketplace for ISK (the ingame currency).
31 May 2016

white stag wiki

This wiki is the continuation of my All-Out Guides project, designed to host information, guides and history for members of White Stag Exit Bag.