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Email: me@peterhenry.net

Github: github.com/mosbasik

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/peterhenry7


I was born in the United States and grew up in Central Africa - my first fourteen years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo then four years of high school at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya.

After completing high school I returned to the US to study at the California Institute of Technology. So far, I have completed three years of my BS in Computer Science.


I’ve been interested in tech since I was 9 years old and my parents gave me a hand-me-down laptop loaded with Windows 98.

I learned how to type on it using Mavis Beacon - then crashed it a couple of months later by trying to install a racing game on it written for Windows XP.

In 8th grade I was introduced to programming with Turbo Pascal and crashed my new XP machine several times.

During high school I took several Java courses, and also did all of the classic things computer kids do - proxied around the school filter to get on Facebook and Youtube, sniffed school wifi passwords with aircrack-ng, figured out how to access password-protected XP machines using rainbow tables, etc., etc. At this point I had figured out how to dual boot Linux and was pretty sure that I wanted to study computer science in college.

Now, after some years in college, I’ve got a decent amount of experience in a number of languages and quite a lot of algorithm theory under my belt. I’ve gotten a lot of practice reading documentation. And with all that, I still crash my computer a couple times a year by messing around with the internals - and have fun doing it.


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