Recent Entries

let's encrypt on apache & centos 7

I saw the HTTP vs HTTPS Test website earlier this week and was blown away by the performance jump between HTTP 1.1 and SPDY on a TLS-encrypted connection. With the introduction of Let’s Encrypt a few years ago, you no longer need to buy security certificates in order to provide a secure connection to your site - so I decided to see how long it would take me to switch my blog to HTTPS.

deploy jekyll site with git post-receive hook

I finally got a one-command method working for pushing updates to my Jekyll sites hosted on my VPS. A lot of this material is informed by Jekyll’s official how-to about deploying with git post-receive hooks, but I encountered a few gotchas that I thought might be worth going into a bit more detail over. The official how-to moves pretty fast.

jekyll templating for resumes

Templating is the main thing I want for a resume-building solution.I want to be able to fill out what amounts to a pre-designed form for each category on my resume and have a template (that I only have to write once) handle rendering the content into something that looks pretty.

resume in html

What if I wrote my resume using html?

tweak talalarmo

I just realized my favorite minimal Android alarm clock app, Talalarmo by Trikita is open source and on Github!

mirror goblin's eveblog

Gevlon Goblin is one of the most polarizing figures in Eve Online's blogging community.

tagging instead of "ideas"

After writing up a few of the ideas that have been bouncing around in my head the past few days, I realized that these kinds of entries are basically short blog entries.

published sleep graph

I've been logging my sleep patterns since about 2012.

machine learning trade finder

The hard part of trading in Eve Online is deciding what items to trade on.

css is always fun

This place needs a styling overhaul. The default bootstrap fixed container is too wide in fullscreen for comfortable reading and it always has been. I need to decide on the best way to narrow it.

i am back

Wow, it's been almost a year since I last updated this blog. In the interests of keeping my online presence up-to-date with the things I'm doing, I should try to update more often. It's very tempting to only post when I have a completed (or at least functional) project to talk about.

restaurant picker

Family gets together and goes out to eat every Sunday. We have to pick a restaurant somehow.

converting to jekyll

I've been wanting to try out Jekyll as a simple publishing platform for a while. I've known about it, but never got around to using it for anything. When I decided to re-image my server, it seemed like a good time to rethink the structure of this blog.

markdown in django

I spent most of today refactoring the models for my personal site in order to use Markdown to format a lot of my static content.