This page shows all posts tagged as ideas. They're concepts, that come in the shower or car or movie theater and that I might or might not ever work on.

If I do actually make progress on something here, I'll untag it (to remove the entry from this page but keep it in Blogs) and probably make a new, more detailed post about the topic in Projects.

resume in html

What if I wrote my resume using html? As a webpage it would be convenient and a source of truth as the most up-to-date version. HTML/CSS would give me perfect style control, and templating provides a simple way to add more material without worrying about matching existing styling. I could probably use something like wkhtmltopdf to export a document when I need to print/email it. My current resume is done with LaTeX, which is basically a markup language for text already - but LaTeX isn’t as widespread a skill as web design, so it’s kind of nice to have that displayed somewhere. Hm.

tweak talalarmo

I just realized my favorite minimal Android alarm clock app, Talalarmo by Trikita is open source and on Github! I don’t know much about Android apps, but I want to tweak two things: when the alarm is inactive, I want to be able to tap anywhere on the screen to activate it (not just on the “tap here to activate” text) and when the alarm is active, I want to be able to tap anywhere on the bottom bar to deactivate it (not just on the little deactivate icon). I wonder how hard this would be to do. I wonder if they accept pull requests. I wonder if pull request are difficult to figure out.

mirror goblin's eveblog

Gevlon Goblin is one of the most polarizing figures in Eve Online’s blogging community. He has a lot of good information, stories, rage material and market advice in his blog - but it’s very difficult to read any of his archives because he’s using a barebones Google blogspot template, and he never kept up with his tagging. Now that he’s more or less finished playing Eve Online, it might be time to crawl all of his Eve posts and archive them in a nicely formatted, easy-to-read, easy-to-search format for posterity. Jekyll and Github Pages seems like it could fit the bill.

published sleep graph

I’ve been logging my sleep patterns since about 2012. The Android app I use to collect this data is fine as a collection tool but is terrible as an analysis tool. I only ever really look at the past week or two of data. All the old data is backed up to their servers, accessible with OAuth2, and can be downloaded in .csv form. I should set up some kind of script that pulls my logs down regularly and displays it on this site somehow. I bet there are a lot of cool JS libraries for displaying data in cool ways.

machine learning trade finder

The hard part of trading in Eve Online is deciding what items to trade on. Instead of trying to codify what “a good trade” is using precise statistics terminology or thresholds, why not use something like Python’s scikitlearn library to do supervised learning where the only input is a player that says “I would trade this” or “I would not trade this”. This would allow a user to configure their installation to find trades that they [the user] would like, without having to spend a lot of time and energy figuring out how to define what they like in a way that a computer can understand. Also it would make it easy to drop items that no longer fit trading criteria or pick up new items that become eligible - a behavior that is very hard to implement with the spreadsheets most traders are using now.

restaurant picker

Family gets together and goes out to eat every Sunday. We have to pick a restaurant somehow. A number of constraints: some people dislike barbecue, some people dislike mexican food, some people don’t care what we eat as long as we don’t go to the same place every time. Talked to another family that put a bunch of slips of paper in a jar with restaurant names on them and drew them at random to pick. A computer program could probably do this better.