Personal Projects


On 9 Aug 2016, Eve Online developers CCP Games enabled the use of contracts in player-created citadels. Before then, contracts could only be created/completed in NPC stations.


Subscribed Eve Online characters continuously and passively accumulate SP (skill points). The owner of a character is able to extract SP from the character and sell it on the ingame marketplace for ISK (the ingame currency).

white stag wiki

This wiki is the continuation of my All-Out Guides project, designed to host information, guides and history for members of White Stag Exit Bag.

all-out guides

For the time being, this is where reference material for setting up new members of All-Out is going to be hosted. As content is written that expands beyond simply 'guides', the structure may be reworked and URLs may change.


More information coming soon.


In my leisure time, I run a small corporation in the MMO Eve Online created by CCP games. This project is an under-construction tool to facilitate the buying and selling of "wormhole systems" by Eve players.


This project is running my personal website. As I got to the end of my time at Coding Campus, I realized I really needed a unified place to showcase the different things I've been working on.